Nov 1, 2019

NEO Made a Close Flyby on Halloween Wow it was ~ 4.60 (Metaphorical) inches From a Basketball Size Earth

A 1  to 7 meters NEO made a close approache  on Halloween  it was ~ 4.60 (Metaphorical) Inches from a Basketball Size Earth. This asteroid discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey  and given the observer-assigned temporary designation. C0PPEV1(Now  2019 UN13) So far there is 18 observations from four observing stations over 3.7 hours. This object has gone out of range telescopes so new observations  runs will have wait until  2019 UN13 comes back in range(if ever).

If  the Earth was the size of a basketball  how far would the Moon [and the NEO Earth Close Approaches  be]? 
  Given the fact it was  the 2nd closest approache it is making buzz online ---by the way  it is too small to do anything.

Scout: NEOCP Hazard Assessment of C0PPEV1 archive
Pseudo-MPEC for C0PPEV1 - Project Pluto ..
Spooky Halloween asteroid flyby one of the closest near misses ever seen A big space boulder scopes out the trick-or-treating situation here on Earth.(Cnet)
Earth Impact Effects Program

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  1. Tt is now 2019 UN13 see C0PPEV1 = 2019 UN13 (see MPEC 2019-V09).