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Jan 12, 2017

The Earth Got Buzz by the Asteroid 2017 AG13 -- 50% Closer Than The Moon

Artist's concept of a near-Earth object. ImageCourtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech
On  2017 Jan  7  at  7:39:30.24(UTC) the Catalina Sky Survey discovered an asteroid on route to buzz the Earth. They submit their observations to the Minor Planet Center(MPC) and the "object"(with their observations) was posted the NEO Confirmation Page.  Observers from around from the world took follow-up observations and on 2017 Jan  8 at 15:14(UTC) the Minor Planet Electronic Circular announcing the discovery. On 2017 Jan  9 at  ~12:49 (UTC) buzz the Earth at ~  0.5 Lunar Distances (LD) -- to put things in perspective"If" the Earth Was the Size of a Basketball this would be ~ 12.80 feet(3.90 meters)  away.

(as of 2017-01-11 ) 

  • Object: 2017 AG13
  • Orbit Type: Aten [NEO]
  • Approximate Diameter: 16 m - 37 m (52.4934 feet to 121.391 feet)(Absolute Magnitude: H= 26.039)
  • On the Sentry Risk Table: No (Never has been listed )
  • On the NEODyS CLOMON2 risk page: No
  • Discovery (First) observation was made: 2017 01 07.31910
  • Discovery (First )observation by: Catalina Sky Survey, Arizona, USA (MPC Code 703) The Discovery M.P.E.C.: MPEC 2017-A58 : 2017 AG13
  • Last Observation (publish):2 017 01 09.53408 (by Mt. Lemmon Survey (MPC Code G96)  )
  • Data-Arc Span (publish): 2 days
  • Number of Optical Observations(published):70
  • Observatories Reporting (Published) Observations(MPC Code):
    • (204) Schiaparelli Observatory, Italy.
    • (703) Catalina Sky Survey, US/ Arizona.
    • (958) Observatoire de Dax, France.
    • (B49) Paus Observatory, Sabadell, Spain.
    • (C44) A. Volta Observatory, Lanzo d'Intelvi, Italy.
    • (G96) Mt. Lemmon Survey, US/Arizona. 
    • (H21) Astronomical Research Observatory, Westfield, US/Illinois.
    • (I52) Steward Observatory, Mt. Lemmon Station, US/Arizona.
    • (I93) St Pardon de Conques, France.
    • (K65) Cesena, Italy.
    • (W25) RMS Observatory, Cincinnati, US/Ohio.
  • Perihelion Distance:0.5501188546601535 (AU)
  • Aphelion Distance:1.376259329339826 (AU)
  • Earth MOID: 5.66787E-5 AU (0.022 (LD)) or 5,268.614  miles ( 8,479.013 (KM))
  • Last Close-Approach to Earth: Passed the Earth on 2017-Jan-10 at a Nominal Distance of 0.00139468114617598 (AU), ( 0.543 Lunar Distance (LD)), or 129,643.712 miles (208,641.33 (KM)) -- to put things in perspective "If" the Earth Was the Size of a Basketball this would be 12.80 feet(3.90 meters) 
  • Next Close-Approach to Earth:  Will safely pass Earth on 2028-Sep-12 at a Nominal Distance of 0.336749573158621  (AU) (131.053 (LD)) or 31,302,828.42  miles (50,377,019.101(KM))
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