Dec 20, 2015

Where Have Gone you 2015 YB...I am where I should be the inner main-belt

There has been much talk on social media about a bus-size asteroid designate "2015 YB". What made 2015 YB newsworthy was that "know" astrometry(observational data)  when use for orbital calculation generated orbital elements (if valid) predicted a close approach of less than 0.2 lunar distances to Earth. However some of the observational data was erroneous. When other observers from around the try to do followup observation they could not find 2015 YB and starred asking why it was not where it would be if its orbital elements where if valid. So the bad observations where withdrawn, pre-discovery observations located and the designation 2015 YB was retracted  the object was returnd to the NEOCP under its observer-assigned temporary designations.  With the additional observations orbital elements could be generated that show that it has a  Hungaria-type orbit so it is not a NEO. On 2015-12-19 using the new orbital elements  I was able to image a object make observations and report  the observations.  Note objects on the NEOCP are  "preliminary until they appear on an MPEC or MPS" when the new designation  appears on an MPEC or MPS I will publish my images.

However  the designation was retracted  on Friday night (of weekend near Christmas) and  the close approach would have been hours away so many people did not get the word  and (most likely) pre-written stories where post to the net, and then the stories whould be share and re-share. JPL has remove the "phantom" 2015 YB from there web page... they shoud it is  not "real" when  more confirming observations come in to show that it is "real"  the object will get a designation and appear on an MPEC or MPS it will be put back on the JPL web page( I do not work there can not say why it would not be there).

It did not hit the Erth, the two(2014 AA and 2008 TC3) SMALL "asteroid" that where known before hiting Earth have designations and can be found on JPL web page (2014 AA and 2008 TC3) .

Dec 19, 2015

Asteroid 2015 YB an Asteroid that will NOT brush by the Earth on 2015-12-19

As amateur astronomer I enjoy making and observation reporting asteroids and comets. When they are in the news it makes it  more enjoyble. On 2015-12-17 read  a messages from Bill Gray of Project Pluto on the The Minor Planet Mailing List {MPML} about an interesting object on the  NEO Confirmation Page. Later in the day The Minor Planet Center issue Minor Planet Electronic Circular(MPEC): MPEC 2015-Y15 : 2015 YB announcing the discovery 2015 YB.  What made 2015 YB an interesting object is the it would have  passed with in 0.2 Lunar Distances of Eath. Goldstone  requested astrometry to aid in their radar observations of 2015 YB.

So I gave it a go  first did run of 30 - 60 Second Luminance BIN2 Images on on's  (TEL T18 0.32-m f/8.0 astrograph + CCD) at AstroCamp Observatory. Nerpio, Spain (MPC Code I89) however I had a bad  set of orbital elements. Leter on 2015-12-18 with better set of orbital elements did second  run 30 - 60 Second Luminance BIN2 Images (T18) with no luck. Then I try a run  14 - 60 Second Luminance BIN2 Images on on's (TEL T24 0.61-m f/6.5 astrograph + CCD)  Auberry California USA - MPC U69. It was time for bed I call it a night.

 On the monring of the 2015-12-18 I check MPEC 2015-Y19 : DAILY ORBIT UPDATE (2015 DEC. 18 UT) and saw that there were no new observations of  2015 YB and then check the NEOCP Blog and found that other observers could not find "2015 YB".  It turn out that an observer reported observations that where false detections.  On 2015-12-19 MPEC 2015-Y31 : RETRACTION OF 2015 YB was issue, stating that the designation 2015 YB was being retracted, poor observations being thrown out, object was returnd to the NEOCP under its observer-assigned temporary designations, other technical details, and that it had Hungaria-type orbit (not a NEO so no brush by the Earth on 2015-12-19 )

I was hoping make blog post showing images of Asteroid 2015 YB and tell you about how it will  brush by the Earth on 2015-12-19. However I can not because I will not. 

I am part of community of independent observers and that is the real enjoyment.