Dec 14, 2014

Confirmation Images of COMET P/2014 X1 (ELENIN)

The COMET P/2014 X1 (ELENIN) was discovered by Leonid Elenin at ISON-NM Observatory near Mayhill, NM, USA(MPC H51) on 2014-12-12. While it was on the PCCP Confirmation Page in an effort to help in the confirmation I was able to obtain 33 -- 60 Second Luminance BIN2 Images(I try to run a series of 40 however the script started late and time ran over) on Telescope 18 (iTelescope.Net), AstroCamp Observatory. Nerpio, Spain (MPC I89) and did Data reduction on 4 Images.
Confirmation Images of COMET P/2014 X1 (ELENIN) 33 -- 60 Second Luminance BIN2 Images from the night of 2014-12-12 ITelescope.Net (T18 32-m f/8.0 astrograph + CCD) MPC Code I89 (AstroCamp Observatory. Nerpio, Spain) 2014-12-12 21:13 UTC to 22:02 UTC APPROVED for Embed and Media broadcasts with full attribution TO (C)Steven M. Tilley

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